As you many know, Hoover City Schools employees received a 2% raise this year.

Superintendent Andy Craig got the 2% raise, too. The picture below depicts Mr. Craig’s salary, benefits, and other expenses attributed to the superintendent’s office over the past years.
[Image: Superintendents-Salary.jpg]

One would wonder why, when half of the children he is charged with overseeing are losing their ride to school next year, why he would take a 2% raise. And further, why his travel allowance and supplements increased as well. His compensation package increased $10,000 from the last fiscal year, according to Hoover’s budget documents on file with the state department of education.

Don’t be fooled by the decrease in overall compensation package in a couple of the years. It appears that the numbers are a bit wonky in FY08 and FY10. Also, HCS’ contribution to state retirement went down for a couple of those years.

Here are superintendents’ salaries from across the state as of October 30, 2012.

[Image: FY13-3002.jpg]