Hoover’s historical budgets are on this page.

The budget year (the “fiscal year”) runs from October 1 to September 30. The board of education (BOE) approves the budget, typically in mid-September, after two mandatory public budget hearings are held. Here’s an article from al.com about the recent BOE unanimous approval of the FY14 budget.

Budgets are determined in early spring before the coming budget year.

Budgets are considered “planning tools” and are not set in stone. Districts are expected to stay within a 10% variance (budget versus actual) and should be cited in their audits if they fail to do so.

Here is the “Budget Summary Detail” for FY14 (summary detail….interesting name). You still can’t figure out what money is spent out of local, state, or federal funds, though. That report simply doesn’t exist (though Birmingham City Schools have partnered with PARCA to create a better report).

Each month, BOE members approve state-mandated financial statements showing the overall budget for the year for each fund, and where actual spending is for the year-to-date (though budget amounts are yearly totals). Those reports are online. The most recent one  as of today is depicted below.

budgetvarianceA quick look at year-end reports shows that budgets are not necessarily followed in Hoover City Schools. Officials give many reasons for this.

Time to take a closer look at budget accuracy and whether adjustments are made based on actual spending.