Finding the facts can be difficult. We thought we’d make it easier. You can be certain that anything shared on this blog is created from factual material. Sources will always be quoted. Links will be provided if available (meaning if the source document is still online somewhere).

This is a joint effort of those of us wanting to share facts with our Hoover community. Much of the information is posted by Trish, with lots of help from Gianna, Pam, Dan, Mandy, Lisa, Sabrina, and Mike. Please continue to share your thoughts on the Save the Hoover Bus System facebook page and on the Hoover Forum.

Our school system is facing tough financial times. Decisions are being made that will reshape our schools and will affect our community for years to come. Arm yourself with facts so you can be a part of the discussion.

If you have some facts to share or have questions that could be answered with some facts, please post your question on the Hoover Forum or on the Save the Hoover Bus System facebook page.

This site is not an official Hoover City Schools web site. Unless you believe that the schools are owned by the community, not by the Board of Education, that is.