So You Wanna Compare Hoover to Other Over the Mountain Cities?

[UPDATE: The property tax paid by residents in the Shelby County portion of Hoover was not included in the original comparisons. The documents have been corrected to reflect those amounts.]

OK, then. Check out the tables below. Or download them.

Size, population, property tax rates, demographics, number of schools, size of budgets, percent of locally-funded personnel, even athletic spending and state championships.

Any way you look at it, Hoover isn’t like Vestavia or Mountain Brook. Or even Homewood, though Hoover is more like Homewood demographically than the other two. 

City ComparisonsOne more thing: Vestavia, Mountain Brook and Homewood never offered bus transportation to and from school for the children of their community. Children living in Hoover have had school buses since we were a part of Jefferson County.


Whose Enrollment Is the Superintendent Hoping to Affect?

Here is the chart again. Click on it to view larger.

Enrollment by Ethnicity Part 2


Whose enrollment is he hoping to affect?

Enrollment Flattening

PTO and PTA Presidents in Hoover City Schools

PTOs and PTAs in Hoover have an excellent opportunity to step to the forefront and lead the discussion about the Board’s decision to eliminate buses.

Links take you to the school’s PTO/PTA page.

Bluff Park – No Board members listed online
Brock’s Gap – President Shay Brewer
Deer Valley – President Christine Hofmann
Green Valley – No Board members listed online
Greystone – President Nikki Duke
Gwin – President Wendy Wrona
Riverchase – President Kelly Grande
Rocky Ridge – President Shelly Shaw
Shades Mountain – President Traci Walter
South Shades Crest – President Dawn Blake
Trace Crossings – No Board members listed online

Berry – No Board members listed online
Bumpus – President Steve McClinton
Simmons – President Karen Cochrane

Hoover High – President Shay Warren
Spain Park High – President Sue Nuby

The Hoover Parent Teacher Council (HPTC) meets on a monthly basis at the Central Office. The HPTC is comprised of the presidents of each school-based PTO/PTA. Deanna Bamman serves as President of the HPTC, but no information is available regarding who else sits on the Executive Board of the HPTC.

In this interview with WBHM, Bamman stated that she is giving the board the benefit of the doubt and has confidence that neighbors will help neighbors.

STS Transportation, the bus service named as one who could contract with parents directly for a fee, met with the HPTC recently and shared information about how the pay-for-bus-service model could work. In this interview with, Bamman said the next step is to have meetings, she hoped before Christmas, in each individual school to share information with parents and get feedback from them about the private bus service. 

Take the time to have a conversation with your school’s President and PTO/PTA leaders to determine what their position is and what resources parent groups will be able to offer families.

Our Children Are Being Left at the Curb

In spite of being assured that no children would be left at the curb, the reality is very different.

If your child has been left at the curb, the route changed or doubled, the time altered since the beginning of the year, or the driver is different, please contact us through the Save the Hoover Bus System Facebook page.

This is a safety issue now.

Let’s Solve This!

We heard Dr. Bice very clearly when he suggested that parents put their own solutions on the table. We heard from many at the Spain Park forum on August 8 who were willing to step up and come up with other ways to make cuts that did not involve eliminating buses.

We are ready to come together, dig in to the numbers and put a plan on the table for the Board to consider. We need your help.

If you are willing to commit to this process over the coming weeks, please post your name on the Save the Hoover Bus System Facebook page or email savethehooverbuses(at)

This will be a public process and will result in our presenting a plan to the Board on December 9.

Let’s put our heads together and SOLVE THIS!