History – Financial Documents – Budget and Actual Spending – Details

Financial Documents from the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) web site

The “Actual” document indicates actual numbers reported to the ALSDE by Hoover City Schools.

The “Budget” document indicates budgeted amounts, rather than actual revenues and expenditures, reported to the ALSDE by Hoover City Schools.

NOTE: You must be responsible with these numbers, meaning that you cannot take any one number or set of numbers out of context and point to an expenditure as irrelevant. These numbers reflect a plan that the appointed Hoover Board of Education (BOE) approves each year. The Budget is the tool through which monies are allocated to make the goals of the BOE a reality. 

The BOE cannot authorize any expenditure without a recommendation from the Superintendent.

FY03 – Actual

FY04 – Budget – Actual

FY05 – Budget – Actual

FY06 – Budget – Actual

FY07 – Budget – Actual

FY08 – Budget – Actual

FY09 – Budget – Actual

FY10 – Budget – Actual

FY11 – Budget – Actual

FY12 – Budget – Actual

FY13 – Budget