How Are Teacher Positions Funded?

There are three pots of money from which to fund teachers: local, state and federal. The state uses a formula to determine how many teachers and other positions it will fund with state money. Federal money funds teachers for specific populations, such as special education or Title I (children in poverty). Local money is used to fund positions not funded by state or federal funds.

Hoover’s BOE spends a lot of local money on teachers and other personnel.

Certified Personnel

Here’s a breakdown of how much money was spent from which pot of money for how many Certified positions for November 2013. “Certified FTE” is edu-speak for full-time equivalent certified personnel. It is easiest to think of an FTE as one person. These amounts only include salaries. No benefits or supplements are included. The first two lines labeled “Hoover City” and “Hoover City Board of Education” refer to non-school based  personnel. More on those in a moment. Click on it to make it larger.

11-2013 Hoover Certified FTE by Funding Source

Certified personnel include the following:

  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Assistant Principals
  • Counselors
  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Librarians
  • Supervisors, Coordinators, Directors
  • Evaluators
  • Reading Coach
  • Psychometrist
  • Coordinator of Special Education
  • Speech Pathologist

Source: Alabama State Department of Education Accounting Manual

There is no definition of each of these positions (though some are self-explanatory), but some of these very same positions could be coded as non-certificated personnel as well. Yes, there’s a report for non-certified support FTEs, too, but we’re taking this one step at a time.

Here’s a breakdown of what percent of total school-based certified personnel were paid from which pot of money for November 2013. Again, this is salaries only.

Hoover Distribution of Local Units and Cost

More than half of Hoover’s certified FTEs funded by local money are at the high school level.

In true Hoover fashion, the next question in your head was likely: How does that compare with other over-the-mountain schools?  Here’s a look at that:

OTM Comparisons

QUESTION: What are all of those locally-funded certified FTEs doing at the high school? Specifically? What courses are they teaching? How many students are in their classes? Are they teaching core or elective classes?

Support Personnel

Here are the folks called “Support” personnel. The list of who that might be is after the picture. Click the picture to make it larger.

11-2013 Hoover Support FTE by Funding SourceSupport personnel include:

  • Instructional Assistants
  • Bus Assistants
  • Chief School Financial Officer
  • Directors (yes, that was in the Certified list above, too)
  • Nurses
  • Programmers
  • Psychometrists (yes, that was in the Certified list above, too)
  • Clerical
  • Crafts & Trade
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Bus Drivers
  • Custodial
  • Laborers

And while the report above shows the total number of dollars and positions funded from each pot of money (local, state, federal), it doesn’t show WHICH position is funded.

Another report is available that shows WHICH position is funded in each place (school or non-school), but doesn’t show from WHICH pot of money the position is funded.

Non-School Based Personnel

The first two lines of each of the above reports shows personnel for “Hoover City” and “Hoover City Board of Education”.

“Hoover City” refers to the folks at the Central Office. Here’s the number of certified and support folks at which position who were on the books as of December 2013.

Hoover City Personnel 12-2013


The other distinction is “Hoover Board of Education” personnel. These are folks who are not school-based, but not at the Central Office. It is unclear whether this distinction includes the personnel housed at Old Berry on Columbiana Road or if those personnel are included in the “Hoover City” personnel above.

Hoover City Board of Education Personnel 12-2013


Again…what we don’t know is which positions are funded with which pot of money.

The breakdowns are available by school.