The 2015 Rezoning That Never Was

PLEASE NOTE that the Documents posted below do NOT reflect the Rezoning Proposal under consideration as of February 2016.

The Proposal linked below was presented to the community in September 2014 and was abandoned when then-Superintendent Andy Craig left Hoover City Schools.

The February 2016 Rezoning stuff can be found on the “2016 Rezoning” page.


The “Proposed 2015-2016 Realignment Summary” – Presented September 2014, abandoned December 2014

Here is the proposal shared with the Hoover community at the September 8, 2014, board meeting. The rezoning proposal was met with much disdain from the Hoover community. It was set aside after then-Superintendent Andy Craig left Hoover City Schools to become the chief financial guy at the Alabama State Department of Education.

Dr. Kathy Murphy became Superintendent in June 2015. Click here to view the current zoning consideration page.

The Integration of Hoover City Schools

Look at the data included in this article to learn how many students in each demographic group attend school in Hoover.

Zoning Map in Effect at the Time, Including Apartments

Hoover Schools Zoning Map

The numbers refer to apartment complexes. Below are the maps online in August 2014 showing which apartment complexes are zoned to which school.

HHS Apartments

Here is the list of apartment complexes that feed into Spain Park High School (SPHS).

SPHS Apartments

Current Map of Hoover and Where Our Schools Are Located