Frequently Asked Questions – OLD VERSION

1. Is it true that the school buses are gone starting in Fall 2014?

Yes. On July 15, 2013 at the regular Board of Education (BOE) Meeting, under Item IV, Action Items, Item H, Transportation Program Changes, Mr. Craig asked the BOE to approve the “Transportation Program Changes”. All BOE members, except for Mr. Derrick Murphy, agreed to end school bus transportation beginning in Fall of 2014. At the October regular BOE meeting, all board members reaffirmed their vote.

2. Why was this decision made?

There is no clear reason for this decision to have been made. Supposedly, this decision will save the school system $2.5 million.

Yes, that is a fraction of the overall deficit budget that was passed at the September BOE Meeting.
Yes, it is a fraction of the overall school debt.
Yes, there is a lot of history with this school board, past superintendents, past budgets, past audits, test scores, housing developments, declining tax base, past city council decisions, ethnic makeup of our schools, etc.
Yes, it is important to know our history so that we do not repeat the mistakes that were made.
Yes, it is frustrating to know the history of our school board and city council.

No one can change the past. But we can demand a different future.

The decision to end bus transportation will have a tremendous negative impact on our community as a whole.

It will have a negative affect on our property values.
It has already deterred home sales in Hoover for many realtors.
It will add 5,000 cars to the already-stressed infrastructure of our roads during morning and afternoon carpool routes.
It will make our children less safe on their way to and from school.

3. What has been done since this decision was made?

There have been numerous BOE meetings with citizens and business leaders speaking out against this decision. Thousands of residents have vocalized their opposition to this decision.

No, there was no warning, information or notification prior to the July 15, 2013, BOE Meeting that this decision was up for consideration.

Save the Hoover Buses has organized in person, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have the Hoover School Facts site online as well. We can have discussions through the Hoover Forum, too. We meet regularly to keep everyone informed and moving forward.

4. Can we fire the Board and the Superintendent?

No. The Board is appointed by the City Council for rotating 5 year terms. The Superintendent is appointed by the Board and has an annually approved 3 year contract. This means his contract is approved every single year and if he is released, he is paid in full for the remaining years on his contract. Only the Board can let him go.

5. What can I do to help get this decision overturned?

There are a lot of things you can do. You do not have to speak at meetings or canvas homes or apartment buildings. If you can, great, but if not, please try to do at least one of the following:

  • Talk to your friends about this! A lot of people have given up and accepted this decision. We can and should fight this decision.
  • Tell your friends, we can help fix this.
  • Attend the School Board of Education Meetings. This information can also be found at All meetings, unless otherwise noted, are at the Board’s Central Office at 2810 Metropolitan Way at 5:30 p.m.

6. Stay informed! Sign up to receive email notification when more facts are shared here. Follow the conversation on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and THE Hoover Forum.

7. Make some noise!

Contact school and city officials and let them know how you feel about this! Here is their contact information. Emails and phone calls are helpful. Talking with them in person is even more helpful.