Reduction in Force? Really?

Looking at the Personnel Report from the June 9, 2014, Hoover BOE meeting, it’s hard to believe that NINE PEOPLE equals a “reduction in force”.

Here’s the report.

The Internal Auditor is no longer needed? Since when?



The Budget Amendment – Original Versus Amended

Sometimes it’s just hard to sleep. Particularly after you’ve witnessed the wool pulled over the eyes of the good people of your community.

Superintendent Andy Craig crowed about reducing the budget deficit by $6.8 million to a local publication after the board meeting earlier this evening.

The truth embodies a different version.

Here’s the truth:

Revenues INCREASED by $3.2 million from the original budgeted amount.

Expenditures also INCREASED by $1.1 million from the original budgeted amount. (No cutting of anything.)

Hoover received $2 million MORE from the state to pay debt service than originally budgeted.

The budget amendment shows $2.3 million LESS in capital expenditures than originally budgeted.

Hoover UNDERSTATED the “beginning fund balance” of their fiduciary/trust (non-public) money by $2.6 MILLION. (Why didn’t Chief School Financial Officer Cathy Antee key in the appropriate amount back in September?)

Hoover UNDERSTATED their TOTAL BEGINNING FUND BALANCE by $8 million. (That’s a whole lot of money to “miss”, don’t you think? Where was it? Why didn’t the CSFO know it was there?)

When you have complete domain over how the numbers are presented, you can pretty much say anything you please.

Here’s the spreadsheet. See for yourself.