Rezoning Plan Feedback? Email NOW:

The rezoning plan, a.k.a., the “Student Assignment Plan”, was made public on September 8 to families of children in Hoover schools. It was discussed at the September 8 Board Meeting, though I don’t recall the email address for feedback being mentioned.

[UPDATE 2/2/2015: The link in the sentence above no longer works. The only link available for the document is this one.)

While the Plan says nothing about where to submit feedback, if you go to the Hoover City Schools web site and click on “Student Assignment Plan Synopsis” under “District News”, you get this pop up window:

Rezoning Feedback

This directs you to “submit any feedback to”.

It does no good to email friends, board members, City Council members, the Mayor, the news stations, the Superintendent, or anyone else.

The emails MUST be directed to

When the final iteration of the plan is presented to the U.S. District Court for approval, school officials will claim that they offered the public an opportunity to provide input through the email address. And they will likely produce all of those emails for the Court as evidence that some folks did email.

So ANY feedback (positive, negative, neutral) about the rezoning plan should be emailed to

Do it quickly. Do it today.