Why Does Hoover Need Temporary Bus Drivers?

Rhetorical question.

Here’s a table showing the number of bus drivers who have resigned, been hired, taken and/or returned from a leave of absence since the 4-1 vote to eliminate buses for general education students on July 15, 2013.

Bus Driver Breakdown

Net loss: 14 bus drivers. 

Buses have returned, but Hoover City Schools put out a bid to find a third party to recruit and hire bus drivers through the end of the current school year.

Wonder why the bus drivers aren’t coming back.

The bid was rejected, but the recommendation, approved by the BOE on February 3, authorizes the Superintendent to “negotiate the contract” for those temporary drivers.

Wonder why Hoover City Schools needs a third party to find bus drivers.

Hoover City Schools pays a Transportation Director (Coordinator of Pupil Transportation) more than $85,000 a year. In addition, there is a fully-staffed Human Resources department complete with Human Resources Director.

Why is a third party needed when the district already employs nearly half a million dollars worth of employees who should be able to recruit and hire bus drivers?