Transportation Services Bid from Monday’s BOE Meeting?!?

Just when you thought it was safe to stay home from the Hoover Board of Education meetings…..

This recommendation was approved by the BOE last Monday:

Transporation Services Bid Memo_Page_1 Transporation Services Bid Memo_Page_2

This explains Hoover board attorney Donald Sweeney’s advice to the BOE to not answer questions. And it explains why no one would answer the citizen’s question about what bids were approved.

An information request has been submitted for the full details of the bid, Bid #2014-2. Will post it here when it is received.

Didn’t the BOE just tell us that there were no plans to contract bus services?

In other news, here’s the agenda from last Monday night’s meeting. It’s 22 pages long and includes financial reports and personnel reports. That’s new. Typically, it’s a one-page document.

And no, there was no mention on the agenda that any bid had anything to do with transportation services. Here’s what the public was given prior to the meeting on Monday night.

Pages from Hoover BOE Agenda Feb 3 2014