Property and Sales Tax Revenue for FY13 for 25 School Systems

Here is a look at local revenue, specifically property tax and sales tax revenues, for 25 school systems (six county and 19 city) across Alabama for FY13.

Just look at the numbers and how the two streams of revenue work out for each system for now.  And remember that any district who has a disproportionate share of revenue dependent on property tax necessitates children who attend schools in the system to actually live within the school district’s geographic boundaries in order to pay their share of local revenue. (Which is likely why Mountain Brook City Schools do not allow teachers and employees who do not live within Mountain Brook’s city limits to bring their children into the school district to be educated.)

The “Total Local Revenue” column includes revenue other than property and sales tax. Those numbers will be included in the next post.

More thorough analysis later. Property and Sales Tax Comparisons 25 Systems