Let’s Solve This! Suggestions to Consider

The Let’s Solve This! Budget Group met on four separate occasions, spending 200 man-hours pouring over financial documents and engaging in discussion about the way school officials in Hoover spend public money. We originally planned to present suggestions to consider at the December 9 Hoover Board of Education (BOE) meeting. However, when the BOE reversed its decision to eliminate buses, we chose to wait until after the holidays to share this information.

Each of these suggestions is backed up with financial information and sound reasoning. We will provide this information and reasoning over the following weeks, allowing you to better understand and offer your thoughts and input about these expenditures and policies within Hoover City Schools.

It is clear that the BOE cannot continue to pass multi-million-dollar-deficit budgets. The money will simply eventually run out.

Here is an overview of the information we will share in the coming weeks. It is important to understand that no one is suggesting anything concrete, but that the full set of numbers and considerations must be on the table.

As always, we welcome dialogue through the Facebook page. In addition, we will hold a series of public meetings in the coming weeks and months to allow the larger community an opportunity to gain a better understanding of school finance and how monetary decisions affect the long-term health of our school system.

We can solve this. Together.