Let’s Solve This! Budget Group Update

Everyone received an invitation to participate through this site and through the Facebook page.

A group of folks got together during the weeks around Thanksgiving to delve into the financial state of affairs of our school district. 

We met four times, for a total of 11 hours together. Everybody had homework. Everybody dug into the documents and shared dialogue via online discussion, bouncing ideas off of each other.

We spent about 200 man-hours pulling together some ideas for trimming that deficit. We planned to present these results to the board last Monday night, but with their decision to reinstate buses, we chose to savor the moment instead, and garnered a commitment from the board to sit down with us in the coming days to start this dialogue.

Once the board has been given the recommendations of this group, we will post it online here. In no way is it a “here’s where cuts need to be made” recommendation. Rather, it is a place to start.

We believe that the entire community needs to be engaged in this discussion, and we hope that by getting the discussion started, we can open up the dialogue for all interested community members.

Communities work best when we reach consensus about how to allocate our resources.

Stay tuned for more information.