The Reaction and the Reality – Next Steps

SavedHere’s a wrap up of how the past week unfolded, told through Twitter.

That’s the Reaction. Here’s the Reality: even though we saved our buses,  the problem of a $12 million operating deficit looms large. And now they’re threatening to charge children who depend on the bus a fee for riding the bus. The board couldn’t tell us what that fee might be nor when they’ll know.

Which means our work is not even close to being over. We need everyone to stay in this effort.

Let’s be extraordinary. School communities are criticized for showing up when they’re about to lose something, and once they get what they want, they go back home and ignore the rest of the problem. Let’s not be that community. We can’t afford to be that community.

Cause the folks in charge of making the decisions haven’t changed. And they’re still charged with making big decisions.

The board who reinstated our buses is the same board that eliminated them.

The superintendent who thought this was the right way to deal with money troubles is still the superintendent.

The central office people who went along with this decision are still working in the central office.

The City Council who agreed with the decision to eliminate buses are still our city leaders.

The Mayor who thought we’d be fine without buses is still the Mayor.

The PTA and PTO leaders who said not a single word in support of reinstating the buses are still the same people.

The Chamber of Commerce, the civic groups, the teachers, the principals…all of the people who stood by and said absolutely nothing in support of reinstating buses are still here.

In short: nothing has changed. The people in charge of making this decision, the people who made this decision and supported this decision are still the ones in charge of making decisions.

Without the Department of Justice’s involvement and the current desegregation order, there would have been no immediate consequence to the board’s decision to eliminate buses.

We must remain vigilant. We must stay informed. We must continue to attend meetings, share information, and step up when the time comes to lend our voice to the discussion of how our community’s tax dollars are best allocated to educate the children in our Hoover community.

There will be many opportunities to share your gifts and talents in the battle to right the financial ship.

Thank you for your efforts. Through collective, collaborative efforts, we made this happen. The Department of Justice made this happen.

Celebrate. Re-energize. There is a long long road ahead.

We need each other. 

We will meet on Sunday at the Hoover Public Library (check the facebook page for the exact location) at 4:00 p.m. We will be making plans for the coming weeks. Sorry for the short notice. We just this moment decided to meet. Please join us.