High School Course Offerings in Hoover City Schools

School budgeting experts suggest defining costs by program and course when attempting to discern where cuts can be made. Hoover City Schools does not have this information available, nor is it clear if those costs are even known by school officials.

Because Hoover City Schools places more than 50% of its locally-funded teacher units at the high school level, a logical first place to consider course costs is at Hoover’s two high schools. No judgement is being passed on these courses or whether or not they’re great to have available for the children in our community. But with $12 million in cuts to make (according to Superintendent Andy Craig), there are only so many places to cut costs.

Here are Hoover High’s and Spain Park High’s course offerings, cross-walked where possible, with fees that are charged per class. Please note that the $85 fee attached to each AP class is for the AP exam, which is required if you take the AP course. Here is the table below in PDF format. Please let us know if you spot any errors.

High School Course Offerings