So You Wanna Compare Hoover to Other Over the Mountain Cities?

[UPDATE: The property tax paid by residents in the Shelby County portion of Hoover was not included in the original comparisons. The documents have been corrected to reflect those amounts.]

OK, then. Check out the tables below. Or download them.

Size, population, property tax rates, demographics, number of schools, size of budgets, percent of locally-funded personnel, even athletic spending and state championships.

Any way you look at it, Hoover isn’t like Vestavia or Mountain Brook. Or even Homewood, though Hoover is more like Homewood demographically than the other two. 

City ComparisonsOne more thing: Vestavia, Mountain Brook and Homewood never offered bus transportation to and from school for the children of their community. Children living in Hoover have had school buses since we were a part of Jefferson County.