State Superintendent Dr. Bice’s Latest Remarks Regarding Hoover’s Buses

State Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice shared the following remarks after the State Board of Education Work Session ended earlier today:

“I had a discussion with the folks in Hoover yesterday, because I know there’s an even greater concern now. I’m working with them, interjecting some conversation with the Department of Justice in this so that we’re sharing information to be able to help make the best decision possible.

“Again, I’m going to stick to my initial comment. I still hope this is resolved locally. I think that’s the way it needs to happen. We’re in a unique place that makes it somewhat precarious for the state department in that city systems aren’t required to provide transportation. So the fact that they made the decision not to is theirs to make. It does then become my responsibility to continue to look at safety and welfare as the issue and that will be my major focus as this plays out. To continue to make that our focus to make sure that the safety and welfare of kids is the predominant decision maker.”

Do you have any words of advice for parents in Hoover who are concerned about losing their buses?

“I think what parents are doing now is exactly what needs to happen in a democracy. When the system that serves you, and the systems belong to the people who live there, it’s their taxes, especially for city systems, that determine the direction of those school systems. Continue to express concern. I would also hope, as I do with any issue that comes to my table, is if you come with concerns, also come with viable solutions because sometimes the folks that are trying to make the best decisions they can have exhausted the ones they have available. So I would urge parents as they express these concerns, which they well have the right to do, also come with viable solutions to be considered.”

Stay tuned for information regarding how you can be part of the viable solution.

More info about today’s remarks here.