How About a Test Run? A Full Week Without School Buses

In order to get a real idea of what next year will be like for Hoover’s families, what about a test run?

Pick two weeks in January. December would be unfair due to the holiday shopping season. Two weeks are necessary because some parents might just decide to keep their children home for five days.

As Hoover City Councilman Brian Skelton said, responsible parents will get their children to school. Let’s find out how many “responsible” parents we have in Hoover.

Give families two weeks notice.

Pay the bus drivers their regular pay. Those two weeks can be used for them to find new jobs.

There’ll be some monetary savings for the school district, too: gasoline costs.

Measure the following:

  • Attendance
  • Traffic and traffic accidents
  • Effect on the classroom

A district in Union County, Tennessee, has suspended bus service a number of times in an effort to save money.

In 2012, media reports captured the following:

Lacking Money, Union County Suspends Bus Service for StudentsThis is a must-read. 

School Bus Turmoil Hurts Attendance in Union County – Absenteeism went from 5.5% to 18%. Buses were suspended after state tests were taken and right near the end of the school year. And they gave parents the option of asking for waivers from attendance.

First Day of School for Union County Students – After they got their school buses back – “It’s wonderful to have the buses running. It’s hard when you don’t have transportation because you realize the effect on the community and on the school and our attendance,” said Union County’s Superintendent Jimmy Carter.

What do you think? Might this be helpful for Hoover to better understand what we are facing next year?

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