Hoover City Council President Believes Parents Should Be Responsible

Brian SkeltonHoover City Council President Pro Tem Brian Skelton shared his thoughts on how parents should deal with the elimination of school buses: be responsible.

From al.com‘s coverage of the November 4 City Council meeting: “We’re going to have to make adjustments and modifications to get her to and from school,” Skelton said. “We will make the arrangements to do that. We have that responsibility. We cannot off-load that to some third party just because it’s been real convenient up to now. We will do what we have to do to get our daughter to and from school.”

For the Skelton family, buses have been a convenience. That much is clear.

Skelton first expressed his concern about giving the school system additional funds back in 1994.

Skelton was appointed to the City Council in January 1994 after the elected councilman took a job as a firefighter. Within two weeks of taking office, he voted to increase Hoover’s sales tax by 1 percent. From The Birmingham News, January 18, 1994:

City officials say departments have been squeezed for six years since the city agreed to commit millions of dollars every year to its school system. Skelton said his vote was to relieve the squeeze. “The previous council knew when it committed $5 million to schools it would play havoc with the budget one day. It’s unfortunate, but it has played havoc and I voted for Hoover tonight,” Skelton said.

Hoover citizens elected Skelton to the Council in 1996. In February 1999, he was appointed Mayor after former Mayor Frank Skinner was forced to resign. Skelton lost an elected bid for Mayor in 2000 to Barbara McCollum, but Hoover’s citizens returned Skelton to the Hoover City Council in 2004 where he has been re-elected by our fellow neighbors twice.

On December 16, 2004, six weeks after taking office as a Council member, Skelton voted to rescind the 1989 agreement to forward 16% of the city’s sales tax to the school system. He voted with the Council when they once again lowered the citizens’ contribution to the school system to a flat $2 million. The change in funding has cost Hoover City Schools nearly $52 million over the past 10 years.

According to an article from August 2012, Skelton lives in Lake Cyrus and owns South Haven Corporation, an investment company that owns but no longer operates South Haven Nursing Home in Hoover.

Skelton is part of the Council that appointed board members who fired previous superintendent Dr. Connie Williams and then appointed Andy Craig as permanent superintendent.