Video from Town Hall Meeting on November 7

Thanks to Robin’s technical brilliance, we were able to broadcast, live over the internet, the Town Hall meeting held on Thursday, November 7 at Artists on the Bluff. Thanks to those who attended the meeting. Might have been a small group, but the group was high-quality.

Here are the handouts that were distributed.

Here is the video. We turned off the video for the questions and answer session so folks would feel comfortable asking questions.

Video streaming by Ustream

Always interesting to see how the media covers the meeting. – Hoover Parents Ready to Step Up Their Fight to Restore School Buses

CBS42 – Hoover Families Examine Post-Bus Options

NBC13 – Parents in Hoover Held Meeting to Discuss Buses (pssst: Eliminating buses won’t save $2.5 million)

FOX6 – Hoover Parents Meet Again to Discuss Likely Loss of Buses

ABC3340 – Hoover Parents Continue to Raise Concern Over Loss of School Buses