How Much Will Gas Cost to Drive Your Child to and from School?

For those who like to know real numbers, here’s a great tool for you to figure out how much money it will cost your family to transport your children to and from school next year.

Directions for plugging in the numbers are below. The first thing you need to know is how far it is to your child’s school next year.

Here’s a map of all of Hoover’s public schools:

If you have children in different schools, be sure to plot your route to figure out your daily trek on Hoover’s roads.

Now calculate.

(1) Write down the miles one way to your child’s school. If you drive to multiple schools, plot your round trip mileage.

(2) If you are only traveling to one school, multiply the one-way number by 4 (you’ll travel to and from school twice a day, for a total of four trips). If you drive to multiple schools, you should double your round-trip mileage. You are determining how many miles you will drive in one full day, to and from as many different schools as you have children enrolled.

(3) Multiply that number by 180, the number of school days in a school year.

That gives you the number of miles/year to plug in to the calculation.

You’ll need your car’s miles per gallon (MPG) for the calculation as well.

Now go to the link and plug your numbers in as depicted below.

How Much Will It Cost in Gasoline

That gives you a pretty good estimate of how much money you will spend on gasoline next year if you choose to drive your child to and from school.

Now if we could just find out how much STS Transportation proposes it will cost to pay them for our children to ride their buses….

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