Traffic Study? How Much Will That Cost? What Does It Matter Anyway?

At the October 21 Hoover Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Andy Craig read aloud his memo to the Board. He stated that the citizens of Hoover have hired a traffic engineering firm to perform a study. Results are expected within 4 to 5 months.

The firm’s task is:

  • perform a traffic assessment for each campus (17 campuses)
  • determine the access needs for each facility
  • establish infrastructure needs in the vicinity of each campus
  • identify the queuing requirements for all loading and unloading of passengers
  • any construction efforts required on campus to facilitate an increase in private passenger vehicles
  • assess the critical roadways and intersections that serve each campus
  • any construction efforts required to facilitate increased passenger vehicles on area streets and intersections
  • produce graphics which reflect the traffic circulation plan for each campus

How much will this cost? What is the name of the firm? What will they do with the information?

So the Board of Education made this decision without knowing what effect this would have on the schools? And the traffic pattern?

What was the hurry to make the decision in the middle of the summer? With no information?

From the memo: