Public Input Manipulated by the Board of Education. Again.

The Hoover Board of Education has done it again. They moved Public Participation to the top of the agenda, giving no opportunity for the citizens in attendance to respond to whatever discussion they have during the public meeting. Fortunately, the Board’s actions do not preclude a public discussion in the parking lot after the meeting.
PublicParticipationMovedHere are recent attempts to constrain public input and minimize the voice of those who take the time from their activities, work and families to attend the meeting.

Prior to the July 29, 2013, meeting, there were no time constraints for members of the public who wanted to address the City-Council-appointed members of the Board of Education.

Since July 29, Board of Education Attorney Donald Sweeney has served as timekeeper. It is unclear what the Board of Education pays for Mr. Sweeney’s services per hour.

Why is our Hoover Board of Education trying so hard to silence the public?